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    Video Visits at CPCMG

    Updated at June 22nd, 2022


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    Connect with CPCMG by scheduling a convenient Video Visit from your phone! CPCMG offers two options for virtual appointments:

    My Pediatrician Video Visits
    - You choose the CPCMG pediatrician or Advanced Practice Provider (APP) for your child’s appointment.
    - Appointments are available during the clinician's regular in-office schedule.
    - You can schedule your child’s My Pediatrician Video Visit from the "Visits" tab in 
    MyChart on your phone or on the MyChart website on a computer web browser. You can select your preferred clinician during the scheduling steps.

    Children’s Virtual Care
    - Your child will be seen by a board-certified CPCMG pediatrician or APP (this will most likely NOT be your usual CPCMG pediatrician).
    - Appointments are available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 9 pm and on weekends from 8 am to 8 pm.
    - You can schedule a Children’s Virtual Care from the "Visits" tab in MyChart on your phone or on the MyChart website on a computer web browser. Select "Any Provider" during the video visit scheduling steps.

    Reasons for Evaluation and How to Schedule

    What health conditions can be evaluated with a Video Visit?

    Many mild medical concerns can be managed during Video Visits. If CPCMG determines that an online visit is not right for your child, the Video Visit clinician will refer you to your primary pediatrician's CPCMG office for evaluation.

    A few examples of concerns easily addressed during a Video Visit:

    • Skin conditions (examples include acne, eczema, diaper rash, ringworm)
    • Follow-up from previous healthcare visits (examples include simple wounds, and urgent care visits)
    • Mild medical conditions (examples include nasal allergies, pink eye, bug bites)
    • Prescription refills requiring doctor follow-up and approval

    Do I need a MyChart account to have a Video Visit?

    Yes, an active MyChart account will be needed to access CPCMG Telehealth services.


    How do I schedule a Video Visit?

    You must have an active MyChart account to participate in a Video Visit. If you do not have an account, please call your CPCMG office. They will give you an activation code to set up your MyChart account.

    Getting started with Video Visits is easy! Learn how to download MyChart, schedule a Video Visit, and start a Video Visit on your mobile device with our how-to guide here. You can also find helpful tips on how to have a successful Video Visit. Don’t forget to review Video Visit Terms and Conditions.


    Will the visit be with my regular primary care doctor?

    Scheduling a Video Visit with your primary care provider (PCP) is recommended whenever possible. If you need a sooner appointment than your PCP has available, an appointment with a “first available” provider is the next best option. 

    Conditions for which you should schedule a Video Visit with your PCP:

    - Behavioral and mental health follow-up visits (including ADHD and mental health medical refills). Importantly, nearly all CPCMG providers have completed an extensive training course (the REACH Program) to help provide our patients with more comprehensive behavioral and mental health care.

    - Follow-up for chronic conditions (e.g., headaches, abdominal pain). Depending on the patient's symptoms, an in-person visit may be recommended

    - Requesting referrals to specialists


    Can I get prescriptions filled or refilled during a Video Visit?

    Yes! If the clinician decides that medications are needed, they will send prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice. If they think antibiotics may be necessary, an in-person visit might be recommended. If you are seen twice on the same day, you will only be billed for the in-person clinic visit. You are responsible for the cost of any prescriptions, over-the-counter treatments, or follow-up visits you may need.


    Are Video Visits covered by health insurance?

    Most health insurance plans include Video Visits as a covered benefit. Please check with your health plan to confirm coverage. If your insurance covers these, you will only be responsible for the co-pay or portion of the charge considered "patient responsibility" by your insurance, just like an office visit. Patients with HMOs, MediCal, or TriCare usually pay the same amount as an in-office visit (as little as $0). PPO coverage is variable depending on your individual health plan.


    Attendees, Preparation, and Day of Visit Questions

    Does my child need to be physically present for the visit?

    It is recommended that the patient be present and participate in video visits but certain circumstances may make it more reasonable for only the parents to be present – e.g., severe developmental delay, severe agitation/aggression, or elopement risk. Please reach out to the health care team directly prior to the appointment to discuss any concerns.


    How should we prepare for the visit?

    Download the MyChart and Zoom apps from your phone's App Store. Please read this article for additional instructions.

    Please read this article for successful video visit tips.


    How long will the visit last and what happens if we run out of time?

    Most video visits for mild symptoms can be completed during the scheduled 10-minute appointment. If the telehealth provider recommends further evaluation, an in-office visit may be necessary. Video visits for more complex issues, including behavioral or mental health may be scheduled with your primary pediatrician for longer blocks of time.


    How will the clinician examine my child by video?

    Telehealth allows clinicians to evaluate your child via video in real-time. They will visually assess your child to make sure a video visit is appropriate and then complete an exam to address any concerns. CPCMG clinicians are well-trained in remote examination methods, but some aspects of the typical in-person exam such as listening to the heart and lungs are not possible via video. If the clinician believes a more thorough examination of your child is necessary, an in-office visit will be recommended.

    If you have a photograph that may be helpful for the clinician, you can upload it to your child's health record before the visit.